Question: How do you peel a lot of apples?

How do you peel apples in bulk?

All you need is a power drill and a regular vegetable peeler. Clean off a spade (aka butterfly) bit and insert it into the bottom of the fruit (be sure you wash your apples properly beforehand). Turn on the drill as you hold the peeler against the apple and watch the peel fly!

How do you peel apples without a apple peeler?

To peel a whole apple with a knife, grab a sharp paring knife. Holding the apple firmly in one hand, press the sharp edge of the knife against the apple skin near the top of the apple (the stem end). Keep the knife steady and slowly turn the apple clockwise to make the skin peel off like a ribbon.

How do you peel apples without a knife?

Use the vegetable peeler to scrape off the first strip of peel. Double check that the apple and your fingers are in the position described above. Slowly draw the blade of the vegetable peeler from one of the cut surfaces to the other, removing the strip of peel.

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How do you peel an apple in 3 seconds?

Lean the vegetable peeler onto the apple at the base closest to the drill, just hard enough to make an indent in the fruit but not quite cut into it, then increase the speed of the drill so that the apple moves away from the peeler.

How do you peel an apple in 5 seconds?

You could peel an apple with a paring knife … or you could do this: After placing a large drill bit into the core of your apple, let the drill speedily rotate the apple while you hold a peeler on the skin. The rotating apple will basically peel itself in seconds.

Can you blanch apples to peel them?

Just plunge the apples a few at a time into boiling water for 30 to 60 seconds, then transfer them to a sink or large bowl filled with ice water. The skins should just slip off when you rub them, though a bit might remain around the stem and blossom ends.

How do you peel apples in boiling water?

Then to blanch the fruit, boil it in hot water for two minutes and then remove to a cold bath of ice water. After a minute, the skin will be loose enough to peel off, starting with that ‘X. ‘ Then cut it in half and take the pit out.

Do you core an apple before peeling?

Removing the core with a good apple corer minimizes waste. When using this tool, we prefer to core before peeling to ensure that no bits of skin remain on the apples’ tops or bottoms.

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How do you take the stems out of apples?

Slice away the stem and bud on each half with a paring knife. Keep the apple halves skin side down on the cutting board. The stem and bud are on the ends of each half, right above the removed center. Hold your knife parallel to these parts and cut diagonally down underneath them.

Can you cut an apple with a butter knife?

Use a knife

To core, cut your apple in half horizontally, then use a rounded-edge knife, like a butter knife, to cut around the core and pop it out of your apple half. You can also cut around the apple by resting it on your cutting board stem side up.

Can you peel an apple with a potato peeler?

A potato peeler also makes for a great apple peeler. Just peel the same way you would a potato, and voila!