Your question: Can I use moisturizer after adapalene and benzoyl peroxide?

Skin reactions such as dryness, redness, scaling, burning, or stinging can occur when you use adapalene and benzoyl peroxide. Use a moisturizer as needed to lessen these skin problems.

Can I apply moisturizer after adapalene?

You can use make-up and moisturisers, but do not apply them at the same time as you use adapalene. Try to avoid any skin products which exfoliate or dry your skin. … It is normal for adapalene treatment to take 1-4 weeks before there is a noticeable improvement in your skin.

How long should I wait to apply moisturizer after benzoyl peroxide?

In addition to the order of application, it’s important to consider the time it takes for your skin to absorb various products. For example, benzoyl peroxide commonly found in acne treatment regimens and acne lotions/moisturizers. After applying it, you should wait 5-15 minutes for it to dry before using anything else.

How long after adapalene can I apply moisturizer?

Yes, but it’s a personal preference. Some users report less irritation if they apply a moisturizer first. Some users say they prefer to use a moisturizer over Differin, but recommend waiting 30-40 minutes after applying Differin to add a moisturizer.

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Does adapalene work better than benzoyl peroxide?

Differin (adapalene)

Benzac (benzoyl peroxide) is the most effective over-the-counter treatment for mild acne. Treats acne. Differin (adapalene) is commonly used for treating acne, but, it can cause skin irritation. Available over-the-counter from many brands.

How do you moisturize your face after benzoyl peroxide?

When using topical benzoyl peroxide, moisturize first. Let in soak in, then apply the benzoyl peroxide. This helps buffer the medication and compensates for its drying effects. With benzoyl peroxide cleansers or washes, first cleanse, then apply moisturizer while your skin is still damp.

Can you mix benzoyl peroxide with moisturizer?

“AHA, BHA, retinol, and benzoyl peroxide can be mixed with moisturizing ingredients like hyaluronic acid, ceramides, and rosehip oil to get effective results — just ensure you are not using retinol as well as AHA or BHA’s during the day,” says Graf.

Can I use moisturizer after acne treatment?

When creating an acne treatment plan, dermatologists sometimes include a moisturizer. Acne can cause your skin to feel oily and greasy, so a moisturizer may be the last thing you’d think of trying. A moisturizer, however, may be just what you need if you’re using one of the following acne treatments: Benzoyl peroxide.

Can adapalene and niacinamide be used together?

After cleansing, apply your niacinamide product, lotion or cream preferably, then after your skin is dry to touch, follow up with your Adapalene or Benzoyl Peroxide.

Can you mix Differin with moisturizer?

The 5 Best Moisturizers To Use With Differin Gel, According To A Dermatologist. … You can either mix them directly with moisturizers before applying them for enhanced moisturization, or you can apply the moisturizer after for better medication penetration.”

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Why does adapalene make acne worse?

During the first few weeks of using adapalene, your acne might appear worse because the medication is working on pimples forming inside the skin. It may take 8 to 12 weeks to notice results from this medication. Use this medication regularly to get the most benefit from it.

Can I use benzoyl peroxide in the morning and adapalene at night?

A mild OTC benzoyl peroxide cream can be used during the day and a topical retinoid like Differin can be used at night. After medication is applied a moisturizer should always be applied.

How long does it take for adapalene and benzoyl peroxide to work?

Your acne may get worse at first, and then should start to get better. It may take 2 to 12 weeks before you see the full effect.

How do you use adapalene and benzoyl peroxide gel together?

Apply a very small amount of the medicine to 1 or 2 small acne areas every day for 3 days in a row. If there is no reaction, begin using the full prescribed amount on the 4th day. Wash your hands before and after applying this medicine. Adapalene and benzoyl peroxide topical is usually applied one time per day.